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The Insight workbook will help you digest and apply the concepts from the book, and in so doing, dramatically improve your self-awareness and success. For only $19.95, this information-packed, 67 page PDF comes with a 100% money back guarantee and contains:

  • 16 powerful exercises to help you explore your inner reality and improve your self-confidence.
    (Examples: your values, passions, goals, ideal environment, personality, strengths and weaknesses, impact on others, life themes.)
  • 6 insightful self-assessments to help you see yourself more clearly and learn what you can work on.
    (Examples: blind spots, humility, need for absolute truth, learning mindset, feedback behavior, rumination behavior.)
  • 16 practical tools to help you increase your self-awareness, self-acceptance, and success.
    (Examples: how to journal the right way; mindfulness without the mantras; asking for feedback; responding, reflecting and acting on difficult feedback; dealing with delusional people.)
  • 4 business-focused tools for leaders to improve their self- and team-awareness.
    (Examples: Team Self-Awareness Building Blocks Assessment; Leader Feedback Exercise, Team Norms Exercise, Team Candor Challenge.)
  • A 7 Day Insight Challenge Worksheet to help you supercharge your self-awareness in just one week.

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